Monday, 5 January 2015

BIGGG update :)

Well its now 2015! So if you're reading this (of course you are!) Happy New year!
So as this is my first post this year i need to post a huge update of things that have happened/are happening/will be happening!

First off;
Midnight Escape... My album is so close to being released its unreal! The unofficial but probably soon to be confirmed official launch date will be this coming Sunday 11th January.
And on this fine specimen of musical salivation noise you will find 8 original tracks written by yours truly - Occams Laser. There are also 2 confirmed remixes by the amazing Renz Wilde & Citizen Kannot, with a possible extra remix by a mystery guest!
-This album will be released solely through my own bandcamp page for the beginning of the year with high hopes of it becoming available on iTunes, Spotify and many other musical vending locations in the not to distant future!

When the album is released into the wild i will be starting a new EP which has already got a loose concept behind it. But for that you shall have to wait :)

Also a big thank you to everyone who bought my first EP 1989. It did hugely better than i thought, and since then my music making powers have increased, so fingers crossed nobody will be dissapointed about the style of my album! And if you are...then....HATERS GUNNA HATE!!

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