Sunday, 21 December 2014

General update; similar to Liutenant review :)

Its been a busy year!
Since the conception of 'Occams Laser' only 9 months ago i feel that things are finally taking off!

Recently Hifi Brown released his EP 'Do They Know It's Last Christmas?' which included my remix of his track Lucky Glitter. This was a great project which i completed for him a while back, so my style has changed a little bit since then.

Before that i made a remix for Preqwal which featured on the 'Gold EP'. His original was already fantastic, and it was a nice change to get to work using some vocals.

There is also another remix waiting to be released with Doreen & Emerald called 'Last Dream' by The Sweeps; which is due for release very soon.

But the biggest news for me is that my first album is nearly finished! And i am very happy that both Renz Wilde and Citizen Kannot have made such awesome remixes which will feature on the album.

Due to a distinct lack of faith in using a record label; i have decided to release & promote the album myself. It will primarily be distributed solely through bandcamp but will later be on spotify ad itunes. It has turned into one hell of a dark ominous beast! A mildly 80s horror vibe combined with a flutter of Miami Vice and just a smidgen of Moroder!.Currently the track list consists of 10 tracks, but i might accidentally create an extra track in the remaining time. There may even be a guest appearance of my good friend and tv presenter Tina Edwards. Watch this space!

Thanks, to the readers, listeners, fans, collaborators, friends, and synthwave community!

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