Monday, 29 June 2015

New Occams Laser EP - Judgment Day!

Judgement Day is a collection of 6 no holds barred synthesized electronic monsters!!
The EP has an overall dark powerful vibe with of a twist of fun in the mix. All instruments, effects and vst’s used to create the tracks were designed to have an 80s feel to them but with a modern edge.

The lyrics for ‘Judgment Day’ are heavily influenced by the story of the first two classic Terminator movies. This track was a fun concept idea that became too good not to complete. If you thought a power ballad about the Terminator was impossible then prepare for mind to be blown!

All music was written, produced, performed and released by Tom from Occams Laser.
Artwork created by Occams Laser.

A big thanks to everyone who has shown support for my Occams Laser project recently.

A few specific shout outs go to; Renz Wilde, Mike George from 30th Floor Records, Drive Radio, Marko Maric from Synthetix Sunday as well as the whole Synthetix crew, Stereospread, Daniel Kibadachi –Karate King, Volt Age, Lapses, Luigi Donatello, Maniac Synth as well as so many other amazing people and artists in the Synthwave/Retrowave scene!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Poster design and new logo

Today marks a whole year of my Occams Laser logo's creation!
So to honor how well it has served me i am upgrading it and also have made a movie poster to accompany a new era of Occams Laser!

The design was made purely on my iPad using the brushes3 app. No fancy filters, no magical template, just good old fashioned paint skills and a bit of time.

The tagline 'Dubstep is a disease. Meet the cure.' is a homage to the similar tagline from the film 'Cobra'.

This may also be used as a promo for my next EP/Album.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June - update!!

Damn its been a busy month!

- hitting 70,000 plays on Soundcloud
- 28,000 followers on twitter
- Appearing on two themed compilation albums.
- Being interviewed on Synthetix Sundays by Marko Maric.
and now im just finishing off another album!

But until my next album is ready; howabout some true retrospective music :)
i present the awesome new Street fighter themed album by 30th Floor records called....

And guess who got the chance to be on the album and cover one of my favorite tracks?
ME :D i got my hands on the M. Bison theme, and hopefully it does the trick.

So go listen to the full album and also you can get it for FREE!
(also it would be swell if you supported the other artists on here too, they all did a great job!)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New Tron themed compilation album!

Check out the new Tron themed compilation album by Retro Promenade, with not one but two tracks by Occams Laser!!!
Oh, and its name your price, so grab it for the always amazing price of FREE