Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The 'Tips N Tricks' tutorials!

I decided a long time ago that when i got to a comfortable position in my music that i would then share all the secrets and techniques I've used to get where i am.

There are of course many better tutorials on how to make the actual music side of things, and so the whole point of my tutorials is to examine the background side such as self-promotion, distribution and fan-growth.

So far i have made 2 episodes of 'Tips N Tricks' and the aim is to have this as a weekly episodic series.

All i really want is for people to understand that they can do most of the leg work themselves and not have to rely on record labels and big companies to gain a good footing in the music industry.
The Music industry itself is a very odd place and for new musicians and artists its very easy to get lost.
Hopefully with some of my tips it might just make things a little easier.

So here are episode 1 and 2;

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Straight outta somewhere!

My new album has been out for a few days now, four out of the eleven tracks are available to check out on Soundcloud right now;

and of course the album itself is available here; BANDCAMP

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Th new album has been released into the wild!! Hopefully it wont be shot by a Dentist :P

Take Your Time is a 13 track future-funk album, with a vocal-heavy style combined with a tonne of signature synthesizers, designed to get your foot tapping and your juices flowing! 

Many of the tracks revolve around the themes of love, relationships and break-ups. These started as accidental themes that mirrored my feelings at the time of writing the album. 


In the addition to the 8 original tracks there are three remixes by Volt Age, EAR and STEREOSPREAD who all made amazing tracks that i am proud to have feature on the album. 


A huge thanks to Drive Radio who got the original single of 'Take Your Time' noticed, which then inspired me to push that concept further and create a full album of funkier tracks. 

Vocals by Tom ‘Occams Laser’ Stuart, with the addition of Jona Raischi (Volt Age) and Sara Snyder (STEREOSPREAD) on their versions of my track ‘Take Your Time’. 

Check out Volt Age here; 

Check out EAR here; 

Check out STEREOSPREAD here; 

A big thanks to Synthetix Sunday and the whole RPG Crew who continue to make the best radio shows our synth addled brains can handle, as well as Nigel Silva, Matt Canon, Mike Mendoza, Renz Wilde and to everyone who has been supportive of my music, and everyone that I have had the pleasure of working with recently! You all continue to make this the best job I could ever ask for.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New album out tomorrow!

As you may remember, i released a single called 'Take Your Time' around 4 months ago. The track was a funky new approach style wise for me, and due to the response i got from it i decided to push the idea a bit further and create a whole future funk album!

Alongside the 8 new tracks there will be 3 remixes by Volt Age, Stereospread and EAR.

Keep an eye out for more details tomorrow!

Here is the finalized album artwork that i created;