Friday, 19 September 2014

Early track release from upcoming EP......HANNAH!

So because this track brings a smile to my face and will hopefully be one of many when i finally release my first EP; i thought i would release it early just to give a taste of the synthesized sound meal i will be unleashing into the wild soon!
Oh and you can buy this track with the link below (top right shopping basket)

'Hannah is a futuristic love-instrumental, a robotic ballad! Keeping the feel of the track simple and clean it pays homage to the romantic side of the 80's style b-movie.'

Or listen/watch on Youtube;

Thursday, 4 September 2014


A new 80s synthwave track to inject you with retrospective nostalgia!
This track is a culmination of a bunch of styles, effects, vsts, synthesizers and generally ways to make things sound 80's-tastic! So i hope you enjoy this nostalgic neon-noir funky brass and saw based beast!
Thanks to Darcaedus, ROBOTER, V.2follwers, SYNTHCAPETOWN, LUSH! & SnowmanΛGΗΔ for their helpful comments which turned this from a very basic track into its final form;