Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The impossibility of withholding tracks to release!

Because i haven't released any sound goodness for a couple of weeks now; i thought i would release another track pre the release of my debut EP as i find it ridiculous to withhold information of this synthesized caliber!

The track was made in 2 hours using a huge array of 80s vst's and a pack of paracetamol due to having half of the muscles in my neck ripped to shreds (a tree related injury...dont ask)


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Extra projects

Its been a busy month, and at the end of last week Preqwal released 'The Gold EP' which includes a remix of his track 'You Got What i Want' created by me :) so check it out;

Monday, 6 October 2014

upcoming EP update

So recently i have decided to take this music malarkey a bit more seriously. This was after a few offers from record labels and some great artists wanting to collaborate with me. So due to this i disappeared into my log cabin (literally) to write my debut EP!

In my previous post i talked about the track 'Hannah' which i decided to release early as a taster of the style and also to test if anybody liked it!

Another track which i am re-editing and then re-releasing with the EP is the track '1989' which was one of my favorite projects in the last few months.

The remaining tracks to add to the final track listing are still being worked on, as well as the song names themselves. One track that is fully finished and named is 'Neon Knife' and could possibly be the title of the EP.
Here is a bit of concept art which i might use as the album backing or as a track-listing sheet. Some of the possibly track names are on here;