Sunday, 21 December 2014

General update; similar to Liutenant review :)

Its been a busy year!
Since the conception of 'Occams Laser' only 9 months ago i feel that things are finally taking off!

Recently Hifi Brown released his EP 'Do They Know It's Last Christmas?' which included my remix of his track Lucky Glitter. This was a great project which i completed for him a while back, so my style has changed a little bit since then.

Before that i made a remix for Preqwal which featured on the 'Gold EP'. His original was already fantastic, and it was a nice change to get to work using some vocals.

There is also another remix waiting to be released with Doreen & Emerald called 'Last Dream' by The Sweeps; which is due for release very soon.

But the biggest news for me is that my first album is nearly finished! And i am very happy that both Renz Wilde and Citizen Kannot have made such awesome remixes which will feature on the album.

Due to a distinct lack of faith in using a record label; i have decided to release & promote the album myself. It will primarily be distributed solely through bandcamp but will later be on spotify ad itunes. It has turned into one hell of a dark ominous beast! A mildly 80s horror vibe combined with a flutter of Miami Vice and just a smidgen of Moroder!.Currently the track list consists of 10 tracks, but i might accidentally create an extra track in the remaining time. There may even be a guest appearance of my good friend and tv presenter Tina Edwards. Watch this space!

Thanks, to the readers, listeners, fans, collaborators, friends, and synthwave community!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The EP evolved into the album...MIDNIGHT ESCAPE

The EP which i was going to release, will now be an album...MIDNIGHT ESCAPE! Iv'e had a mad four days and created 4 new tracks, which i cant leave out, so the track total is now 9! And of those 9 tracks; i am happy to say Renz Wilde - Muzik has created an awesome remix!
The fun isn't over quite yet though as there will be other names adding to the list very soon!

Of course im still trying to sort out mastering and who to distribute through so labels/people/fans/animals - get in touch if you have any insider intel!
Here is a little concept art i whipped up to wet your whistle;


Friday, 5 December 2014


So today my soundcloud hit 30,000 plays from you amazing people who have supported/listened. 
Each song-play makes writing my 80s cheese so much sweeter!

Yesterday I also finished another track for my next EP which brings the total to 5 tracks with one or two possibly before the beast is released! 

I'm still contemplating getting other Synthwave artists to remix one of the tracks on the EP; so if you're reading this and you'd like to - send me a message on soundcloud and we can start the process! 

I've sometimes wondered why I created this blog, and it makes more sense the more I write. The reason is so just perchance the people who have helped me to get where I am will read this and understand what they've created :)

Now go and buy my music you filthy animals.