Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The next chapter!

Its been nearly a month since i launched my first album! And so far the experience has been amazing, all the feedback has been great and everyone involved has been extremely helpful in spreading the word of its magical synthesized beauty!


What next??

Well i already have a plan for my next EP (possibly an album) which is all based around the theme of robots (specifically an Android).
There is one track that i made which originally was going to appear on my first album, however right in the week before the release i started putting lyrics to it and it turned into something way beyond what i was expecting. This has led me to a slightly new direction and so you can expect to hear vocals on at least one or two tracks in the next release. Vocals sung by myself of course :)

A few years back i used to sing in a band, so its kind of nice to re-visit this side of music making again.

Stay tuned for more updates on my next project very very soon!

Tom / Occams Laser
bleep, bleep, bloop.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

You're the best....AROUND!!

Hi loyal fans of the synthwave scene!

My album has been out a whole week now, and i couldn't be happier! The response has been fantastic, the support has been tremendous and this is all down to the amazing people who play, listen, re-tweet, re-post, blog, vlog, dj, vj, eat, breath, sleep etc etc.... You get the point.

Releasing an album without using a label made everything so much easier to control. The amazing site Distrokid is the aggregate that i chose to go through in the end, they had the best options for what i really needed. And luckily i only found out about the site on the morning of the official release day :P also showing how fast their services work!

The album is now available on itunes/amazon/bandcamp/soundcloud/google-play/deezer/beats-music/spotify.
So there are many options to chose for your downloading pleasure! Go pick up a copy if you havent already, i know im completely biased but a lot of love went into this album, and i am truly proud of the whole thing :)

Thanks again for the support

Occams Laser over and out
bleep. bleep. bloop.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Midnight Escape - Out Now!

My first album is now available in a variety of stores :) and for a limited time it is 20% cheaper on Bandcamp. So go and grab a copy!




Google Play

Saturday, 10 January 2015

My first album is OUT NOW!

I present to you...MIDNIGHT ESCAPE!
The album is based around the feeling you get when you finish a hard days work and lose yourself in music until the early hours.

Many of the tracks are dark and mysterious but with a fun side :)
The album itself has heavy influence from 80s b-movie horror and the iconic synthesized sounds of such tv shows as Miami Vice.

The first 8 tracks on the album are all original pieces written and produced by myself 'Occams Laser'.
The last 3 tracks are remixes created by some amazing electronic artists, all of which I would like to personally thank for all creating such great remixes and i cant wait to hear what they produce next!
The remixes are in order of submission.

Go check them out and support these guys!!

The money raised from this album is going to be pumped straight into improving my musical setup and paving the way for my next album!

Pick your choice of place to purchase the album;



(iTunes/google-play/Rdio/Deezer - will also be options in the next few days)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Teaser :)

Just to start you lovely passengers of the hype train! Here is the teaser track of my upcoming album 'Midnight Escape' which will be released this SUNDAY! (11th Jan)

Monday, 5 January 2015

BIGGG update :)

Well its now 2015! So if you're reading this (of course you are!) Happy New year!
So as this is my first post this year i need to post a huge update of things that have happened/are happening/will be happening!

First off;
Midnight Escape... My album is so close to being released its unreal! The unofficial but probably soon to be confirmed official launch date will be this coming Sunday 11th January.
And on this fine specimen of musical salivation noise you will find 8 original tracks written by yours truly - Occams Laser. There are also 2 confirmed remixes by the amazing Renz Wilde & Citizen Kannot, with a possible extra remix by a mystery guest!
-This album will be released solely through my own bandcamp page for the beginning of the year with high hopes of it becoming available on iTunes, Spotify and many other musical vending locations in the not to distant future!

When the album is released into the wild i will be starting a new EP which has already got a loose concept behind it. But for that you shall have to wait :)

Also a big thank you to everyone who bought my first EP 1989. It did hugely better than i thought, and since then my music making powers have increased, so fingers crossed nobody will be dissapointed about the style of my album! And if you are...then....HATERS GUNNA HATE!!