Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The next chapter!

Its been nearly a month since i launched my first album! And so far the experience has been amazing, all the feedback has been great and everyone involved has been extremely helpful in spreading the word of its magical synthesized beauty!


What next??

Well i already have a plan for my next EP (possibly an album) which is all based around the theme of robots (specifically an Android).
There is one track that i made which originally was going to appear on my first album, however right in the week before the release i started putting lyrics to it and it turned into something way beyond what i was expecting. This has led me to a slightly new direction and so you can expect to hear vocals on at least one or two tracks in the next release. Vocals sung by myself of course :)

A few years back i used to sing in a band, so its kind of nice to re-visit this side of music making again.

Stay tuned for more updates on my next project very very soon!

Tom / Occams Laser
bleep, bleep, bloop.

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