Sunday, 18 January 2015

You're the best....AROUND!!

Hi loyal fans of the synthwave scene!

My album has been out a whole week now, and i couldn't be happier! The response has been fantastic, the support has been tremendous and this is all down to the amazing people who play, listen, re-tweet, re-post, blog, vlog, dj, vj, eat, breath, sleep etc etc.... You get the point.

Releasing an album without using a label made everything so much easier to control. The amazing site Distrokid is the aggregate that i chose to go through in the end, they had the best options for what i really needed. And luckily i only found out about the site on the morning of the official release day :P also showing how fast their services work!

The album is now available on itunes/amazon/bandcamp/soundcloud/google-play/deezer/beats-music/spotify.
So there are many options to chose for your downloading pleasure! Go pick up a copy if you havent already, i know im completely biased but a lot of love went into this album, and i am truly proud of the whole thing :)

Thanks again for the support

Occams Laser over and out
bleep. bleep. bloop.

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