Monday, 23 June 2014

My Synthwave Setup

A lot of people have asked what i use to create music, so here is a little look at my setup;

My basic everyday (having a mess around) setup consists of:
-my beloved Lenovo Z580 i5 running Windows 8 (in dark red because im cool like that)
-FL Studios 11.2 (with a few customization's)
-Nexus VST with all the extra sound packages

80% of my tracks are made with these 4 things all working nicely together.

Other additions to my arsenal are:
-my custom Vestax VCI100 SE-Arcade edition
-my iPad Air which i make all my band art with and sometimes use as a mobile synth.
-my Dell Inspiron 6400 backup laptop which i use as a server for my Vestax as well as running Traktor for slight time shifting and editing of tracks.
-my dredded Fatar Studio 900 master keyboard (which weighs 20kg and is no fun to move)

Here are a few random pictures of the assorted musical electronics listed above;

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