Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Some of you may remember around a year ago (back when i had just started making music under Occams Laser) i made a remix for a band called Straktobeam! The track was called 'Midnight Run' and to date this was by far the most fun track i have had the pleasure of creating. The combination of an already amazing track as well as an equally awesome group of people; made this a bit of a landmark for me.
It is safe to say that if i had not have attempted that remix, i would probably not be in the position i am now!

A year on, and i am proud to present another remix that i have made for Straktobeam, this time it is their new track 'Melange'. I wanted this remix to be a surprise for the band, so i made the remix from scratch, working out the notes and trying to capture the essence of the original but with my own 80s spin.
Who knows, in another year i may create another remix for them! Until then, enjoy my remix of Melange by Straktobeam;

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