Saturday, 4 April 2015


Occams Laser proudly presents... A-SIDES 
Although traditionally a-sides relates to a side of a vinyl, but i hate conformity so instead all the tracks begin with the letter A. 

The EP was created in my Electronic log cabin, utilizing all the power of the 80s and all the enhancements of the now! 
The sound of this EP is that of darkness and hope in equal measures. All made using FL Studios 11 combined with a Alesis V49 midi keyboard ....and of course a handful of hefty vst's! 

The EP is also available on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Google/Tidal and many more digital outlets! 

A huge thanks to everyone in the Synthwave/retro-electro community.
Specifically; Renz Wilde, Citizen Kannot, Kenshi, VHS Dreams, Vincent Nuit, Dallas Dredske, Karate King, Maniac Synth, Luigi Donatello, Rick thorpe, Marko Maric, Straktobeam, Preqwal and so many more amazing people!

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