Friday, 17 April 2015

April update!

This month so far has been the most full and also fun since i started Occams Laser.

Not only have i released my third EP, but i have made a remix for Straktobeam, a remix/cover for Stereospread, and finished three songs for various Retro Promenade compilations.

Today i have the big news of making DRIVE Radio's top 10 with my track 'Take Your Time'. which you can find here;
DRIVE Radio Top 10
They put me at number 3, which means a huge amount to me as i generally regard these guys as the official charts of the retro/synth community!

Also my remix which i made for Doreen & Emerald Records back at the end of last year is now ready and waiting to be heard as well as a host of other remixers such as StatickmanIrregular Disco WorkersCopycatDavid Garcet & Mjane and of course myself!
The tracks will be exclusively on Juno, Beatport and Spotify as well as iTunes in the near future.
You can listen here;
 The Last Dream - Remixes!

E&D Records also wrote a pretty nice review of my tracl; 
 '...the deep and driving Occams Laser mix is perfect for your local disco club laser show at midnight and your drive back home just before the sun comes up. Hard to make a better Italo track...' 

There is also a bit more which i have been keeping as secret as possible...
Only one person other than myself knows what i have in the makings right now. All i can say is that i have made some of my best tracks so far and they may well be part of a new album. The only hint i will give is that the music is based around the theme of a film/film series from the 80s! I have a feeling you might be happy with the result ;)

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