Saturday, 12 September 2015

Oh yes, that's right; NEW ALBUM PLANS

As I've mentioned before in the past; my plan for this year was to try and release an album or EP every month for the entire year. Its the 9th month of the year and I've released 3 albums and 4 EP's, so although i haven't quite hit that target, i still think that I've been prolific enough :)

A few other side projects and smaller ventures have accidentally taken priority recently which meant i have had to step back from my usual music making. HOWEVER, i am happy to be back fully into music mode and i'm aiming to release another full album very soon.

I've decided to fully listen to fan response from all of my previous releases which has led to the decision to make a new full power Outrun album, with heavy dark tones, tonnes of energy and a more EDM feel to some of the tracks. The 80s flavor is still the main focus of course but i know that what people react to best is meatier songs with some real balls!

The album title as of right now is going to be.....WITNESS ME.
Some of the tracks that i can release the names of include;
-Witness Me

More will be added to this list very soon and i would hope for a minimum 10 tracks before i let it loose into the wild.

Thanks again for all of your continued support.

Tom / Occams Laser

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