Monday, 21 September 2015

Attack the (writers) Block

I'm not the first and i will surely not be the last to experience it; writers block is the bane of many creatives in the search for creating new exciting things.

For me this all feels really strange. For the last year i have been rather prolific in creating new songs, EP's, and Albums! Maybe i've been burning the candles at both ends and in the words of Blade Runner; 'The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.'

A few things that i know effect the way i work is the pressure of social media, and also the need for the 'perfect scenario' for working. When i say perfect scenario, i mean the right conditions such as being in the right mood, not being tired etc.
Back to social media; i feel a lot of pressure to respond to people on Facebook and read all my tweets on Twitter etc, and this although sounding trivial can still add a lot of unnecessary pressure. Perhaps i may just have to start being a bit ruthless and ignoring people.

Why is it that the people you have never met, and only talk to via computers; can actually stress you out! Its mad how affected we've become by modern technology, perhaps i need to do a tech cleanse :P

ramblings over

OL out

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