Saturday, 22 November 2014

Neon Vice!

About 9 months ago, i took my music in a new direction; Synthwave. At around the same time i got in contact with a website called 'Neon Vice' ( a site ''dedicated to helping 80's, synth, retro, and dreamwave musicians promote their sounds.''
As i had only just got into the genre i asked them a few basic questions and advice. I didn't expect much of a response as i'd asked similar questions to other sites and forums with little feedback. But to my surprise they gave me a bucket load of tips, advice and generally guided me towards the path i have now firmly stuck to. This response came from Axel Ricks (the head honcho) who started the site back in 2013. Since then their website has grown, and so has the synthwave community. I hope that this all keeps happening and that their site gets the spotlight that it deserves.

Simply put - i would not be where i am today without the guiding nudge from Axel and his amazing team!

So go and please check out

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