Sunday, 4 October 2015

Why Music Is Important

Cliche topic?
Of course it is!
But none the less it is still a worthy topic to talk about.

Music nowadays has become a commercialized product; where for most artists the be all and end all is the sales figures at the end of the month. Now of course music is a product, and the effort which (most) musicians and producers put into each of their creations is more than worth the price.
But at the heart of all the great and revolutionary music makers you will find one common attribute.....none of them chased the cash flow.

The slow burning, creative thinking, barrier breaking artists who create new genres, try new techniques and break the mold of 'modern' music are the ones who will continue being the ones to focus on.

Music is a form of art (obviously) and to many the art of a civilization can tell you much more than the written word. Paintings, operas, orchestral pieces of work, statues, monuments; all of these have out-lasted the people who wrote them/created them/worked on them.

If there is a meaning to life, surely an obvious one would be to leave your mark on the world, proving your existence long after you're gone.

I can only hope that i can follow this path and make something worth remembering one day. Till then i'd better get back to creating!

Tom / Occams Laser

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