Saturday, 30 May 2015

Its been a few weeks since i launched my album 'The Road o Fury' and i thought it was about time to hack back to the past and create an 80s style commercial for it!!

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"Law and order has begun to break down following the major energy crisis. Motorcycle gangs scavenge the lands and terrorize the population. As such, Main Force Patrol, an out-run police force, has been created to patrol the lands and uphold the remains of law and justice. 

Soon only one driver remains, Max Rockatansky. This man, through vengeance and circumstance is destined to become…The Road Warrior" 


The Road to Fury is my tribute album to Mad Max! 
All tracks written, produced, performed and mastered by Tom Stuart (Occams laser). 

After getting hyped up about the upcoming new Mad Max film 'Fury Road' i decided to make a dedicated tribute album. This project has taken two weeks to complete all 13 tracks. 
There are three dedicated vocal tracks, a couple of narrative style tracks and a whole bunch of synthesized goodness!
released 01 May 2015 

All tracks are named after people, places, quotes and phrases from George Miller's dystopian world of Mad Max. 

A special thanks of course to George Miller as well as DRIVE Radio, Neon Droid, Straktobeam, Renz Wilde, EAR, Stereospread, Lapses, Karate King records, Distrokid, Retro Promenade, and everyone else who has been supportive of my work so far!

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